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CardWeaver is a one-versus-all deckbuilding card game based on the world of The Shared Dream. In CardWeaver, up to 3 players control a dream hero while another plays as a dreaded Nemesis.

Each character, Animus and Nemesis alike, has their own unique deck of cards. When using Conviction to add cards to their deck, each player chooses from a market (called the Dreamscape) exclusive to their character, allowing each player to shine with a deck built especially for them. CardWeaver also offers Automated Nemesis rules that allow for purely competitive and solo gameplay.


  • Players: 1-4
  • Ages: 13+
  • Length: ~60 minutes


  • Publisher: ODAM Publishing
  • Designer: Stephen Rosania
  • Art: Leandro Furlanetto, Noah McKee


  • Page count: 11 (6 cards, 5 pages rules)
  • Components: 222 poker cards, 6 character cards
  • Additional components needed: Any kind of tracking mechanism from pen and paper to tokens can be used to track health and experience.
    We recommend using a pair of 10 sided dice to track player health and experience, and individual dice to track health and experience for Reavers or Allies.
    Any kind of token/counter can be used for Countdown Tokens when playing the solo mode. Every Countdown Token has a value of one.

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