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Mint Control (now with solo mode)

Five24 Labs

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Mint Control (now with solo mode)
Mint Control (now with solo mode)
Due to the success of his Mint making empire in Mintopia City, Mort’s efforts (and market share) have come under attack! Three new mint making companies have noticed the profit potential of Mintopia City and have moved in, in an attempt to dominate the market and make all of the money. Players will take the role of one of four mint making companies and assert their influence over various locations in Mintopia City to secure their loyalties and earn the provided market share.
Mint Control is designed to provide a small footprint introduction experience to the Area Control and Action Selection genres of gaming that is fun and rewarding to play even for seasoned gamers.

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1–4 Players

Playing Time: 
25 Min

Age: 13+
Designers: Justin Blaske
Development: Five24 Labs, Inc
Artists: Justin Blaske
Publisher: Five24 Labs


Page Count: 6
Components:  Rules, 12 Location cards, 5 Action tiles, 20 Influence tokens, 20 Mint tokens, 1 Starting Player token

Additional Components Needed: None

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