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Twin Stars: Captain Crag

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Twin Stars: Captain Crag

A PNP Arcade Exclusive Twin Stars Character Card of Captain Crag. As of right now, this card is not available anywhere else.

Captain Crag navigates starships for the Dynasty. While he's a natural among the stars, he's even better at avoiding his job. Crag knows all the tricks. You'll find him off looking for some made up tool for hours, with a 528-Z Longnose coasting on autopilot. Nobody works as hard as him to not work.

But when the stars align, Crag will take control. He'll save the crew and by the time they go to thank him, he's hiding off somewhere with a co-worker covering for him. It's would be almost comical... if his job wasn't so crucial.

We had a vote at the Button Shy Twin Stars Discord channel, and Crag beat out 4 others to be our fan-made custom character. We chatted about his backstory a bit and then worked on mechanics. Jason and Mike finished him up and wanted to share at PNP Arcade, since Twin Stars doesn't require shuffling. This card can be printed and played along a standard or PNP copy of the game. Enjoy!

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