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Swords and Souls

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Swords and Souls
Swords and Souls
Swords and Souls

Escape the Underworld in this deckbuilding combat card game.

You were so close. Your party was one adventure away from reclaiming the stolen Amulet of Morgoth and returning it to the rightful king of Riverwood. But none of you were prepared for the elder dragon waiting at the end of the dungeon, nor its fiery breath that snuffed out your life.

And now you're stuck in the Underworld: dark, damp, and packed with more ghosts than you've seen in any ancient tomb during your questing days. You're just another one of those ghosts now, and those days are over.

Or are they?

It turns out that Hades, Lord of the Underworld, is bored with his work, and he's offered you and your heroic friends the chance of a lifetime: entertain him by fighting one last epic battle, and you can return to the world of the living. But here's the catch—there's only one ticket back. And you're going to have to fight your friends for it.

For one last time, take up the shield of the valiant Guardian, employ the Assassin's sneak attack, or crack open the Arcanist's dusty book of tricks to prove your worth in free-for-all combat. Earn Hades' favor by inflicting pain and he'll throw some new weapons and spells your way. Only the most aggressive hero will earn passage to the surface and the life they've left behind.

Blood will be shed. Legends will be born. Feelings will be hurt.

What is Swords & Souls?

Swords & Souls is a quick combat card game with deck-building elements for 3-6 players. You and your opponents will take turns drawing and playing attack cards against each other. If your opponent can block or dodge your attack with a card of their own, they're safe... for now.

If not, they'll take damage and you'll earn obols, the silver currency of the dead, which you can use to buy more powerful cards from the arsenal.

Finish an opponent and you'll take a fragment of their soul. But even death is no comfort, as the souls of the defeated quickly rise again to continue the fight. Earn 3 soul fragments to become Hades' chosen champion and return in glory to the life you once lost.


  • Players: 3-6
  • Ages: 12+
  • Length: 30+ minutes  


  • Publisher: Fridgecrisis Games
  • Designer: Jaron Frost
  • Art: Jaron Frost


  • Page count: 26
  • Components: 77 cards, 18 large tokens, 36 small tokens, rulebook, two piece box
  • Additional components needed: None required, token bases (such as bingo chips) optional

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