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Desolate: Insurgence

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Desolate: Insurgence
Desolate: Insurgence
After a crash landing during a failed rescue mission, you are all trapped in a space station on a remote moon. Soon after entering the station, you realize you are not alone. Can you work together to power up the escape shuttle before you run out of oxygen - or worse, are killed by hostile aliens?

Desolate: Insurgence is an expansion for Desolate, which adds the ability to play the game with up to four players. In addition to the ability to play with multiple players, Insurgence also adds the Scrap Pile micro expansion.

You will need both the core game and both Dark Matters Boosters to use Insurgence.


    • Players: 1-4
    • Ages: 12+
    • Length: 30 minutes  


    • Publisher: Grey Gnome Games
    • Designer: Jason Glover
    • Art: Jason Glover


      • Page count: 2pg Rules
      • Components: 
        • 4 Player Cards - These jumbo cards allow each player to track their own character's resources.
        • 1 Position Tracker - This jumbo card keeps track of which tactical position each player is in.
        • 4 Jumbo Meeples - These translucent meeples are used to track the player's position.
        • 1 Exploration Card - The Workshop allows you to spend scrap to build a power cell.
        • 1 Character Card - Play as a robot with all new mechanics.
        • 6 Items - More items to find, including two all new ones.
        • 10 Tactics Cards - These determine which aliens attack which players during conflicts.
    • Additional components needed: 
      • Desolate Core Game
        • 2 Dice of color 1 (suggested black)
        • 4 Dice of color 2 (suggested white)
        • 5 tokens of 1 color (suggested green)
        • 3 tokens of unique colors (suggested blue, purple, red)
      • Dark Matters Booster 1
      • Dark Matters Booster 2

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