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Doom Realm

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Doom Realm
Doom Realm
Doom Realm
Doom Realm

NOTE: This is both Doom Realm and Doom Realm: The Goblins and Sleeping Dragon for one low price!

Doom Realm is a print & play roll & write system that takes place in a dark fantasy world.

Players will need to print out the rule sheets and adventure sheets in order to play. They will also need to supply 4 six-sided dice and a pencil.

Your mission in each adventure is to locate and defeat the six enemies that dwell within the realm. Players roll four dice and must assign each of them to one of the four places on the adventure sheet (Movement, Enemies, Treasures, and Locations).

MAP – One die must be used to explore the map. Each side of the die allows the player to shade in a certain shape of hexes on the map. When a number is shaded in in front of location, the player may attempt to battle the enemy there and secure the treasure that resides there.

ENEMY – One die is also used to increase the power of an enemy. You must choose to either make the enemy have more health or deal more damage. So as the game progresses your foes will gain in power, so you need to balance how powerful you want them to get with how big the treasure horde is there.

TREASURE – Another die is used to increase the size of a treasure horde by shading in the next square in the corresponding treasure. All sorts of helpful items can be had including swords, shields, and potions, but sometimes moving down the treasure track will add obstacles like traps or locks.

LOCATION- The fourth and final die is used to increase the power level of a location. This both increases the amount of gold there and the power of the enemy. Whenever a star is shaded in on the location tracker you must shade in a box on the enemy residing there. Scary!


  • Players: 1
  • Ages: 12+
  • Length: 30-45 minutes  


  • Publisher: Grey Gnome Games
  • Designer: Jason Glover
  • Art: Jason Glover


  • Page count: 6 (black and white version, color version, and rules)
  • Components: 6 pages (1 game, 5 rules)
  • Additional components needed: Pencil and 4 six-sided dice

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