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Iron Helm - Iron Chest

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Iron Helm - Iron Chest
Iron Helm - Iron Chest
Iron Helm - Iron Chest

Iron Chest is the largest expansion for Iron Helm and it packs a punch in terms of content. You will need the base game of Iron Helm to use this expansion. So what do you get?

The Spire of Zogar - This is the final Adventure Pack for Iron Helm and pits you against the evil tyrant Zogar himself! It consists of 18 cards including new loot, plot, and enemy cards, and a new boss, Zogar himself!

The Lonely Troll Inn - This 18 card pack unlocks the ability to hire henchmen before you set off on an adventure. Simply pay some gold and they will tag along. Each one will provide different perks and each will have unique ways that their morale will drop. If they lose all their morale, they will leave, unless you pay them some more money. The provided 12mm die is used to track your henchmen's morale. This pack also includes a bunch of new trappings to equip your hero with!

Beasts & Burdens - This 18 card pack introduces Afflictions! These nasty cards are gained in a number of ways and will cause the mechanics for play to change. Maybe you will suffer from gluttony and need to eat twice as much in between dungeon levels, or perhaps, you become plagued and start gaining poison at an alarming rate! This pack also includes a bunch of unique, and stronger, enemies to deal with and three mini-bosses that are actually plot cards!

Realms & Relics - So you want more powerful items in Iron Helm? Now you get them! Artifacts are powerful relics that you can gain by spending blessing tokens when you are asked to draw a loot card. Spend the required blessing tokens and draw an artifact card instead! That is only half of this pack. It also introduces environment cards. These are drawn at the beginning of each dungeon level and they change the mechanics for that level. Maybe you are on the Shadow level and you are ambushed whenever an ambush card is drawn, even if it is the first card drawn! Or maybe you are in the Parched and all fire creatures are stronger.

Random Encounters - This includes four double-sided jumbo map cards to track what level of the dungeon you are on. Also included are three minis (Male Ranger, Female Warrior, and Male Wizard) to use to track your position. Random Encounters adds a new mechanic where your hero encounters something in between each level of the dungeon. Symbols on the map cards indicate what the player will run into. Maybe a trap, or some mushrooms, or a nasty foe lurking in the shadows...

Card Dividers - This is not the sexiest addition, but these new dividers will keep your copy of Iron Helm nice and organized and sometimes order is sexy...

This is an expansion and will require the core game of Iron Helm. 


  • Players: 1
  • Ages: 12+
  • Length: 45-60 minutes


  • Publisher: Grey Gnome Games
  • Designer: Jason Glover
  • Art: Jason Glover


  • Page count: 38
  • Components: Poker Cards, Dividers, and Jumbo Cards
  • Additional components needed: Base game, One 6-sided die and a pawn/mini

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