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Card Rails

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Card Rails
Card Rails
Card Rails
Card Rails

Card Rails is a 3-5 player, 20-30 minute cube rails game played on a deck of cards.

Includes English, French, Japanese, and Spanish rules

Instead of giving you a predesignated map, players together create the landscape of the game they are playing, blocking others and bettering their own positions, all while making the tough decision to keep a card for future financial gain or to garner an immediate reward.

Throughout the game, players discard cards in hand to perform actions: Take a Share or Build Track. If building track, the discarded card can be used to add onto and expand the map. Players want to build into various hexes to increase their companies' values or swap out cards from their hand.

At the end of the game, cards remaining in hand count as shares of a company, along with shares taken during the game. The player who has the most shares in the most valuable companies wins!


  • Players: 3-5
  • Ages: 8 and up
  • Length: 20-30 minutes    


  • Publisher: Press Pot Games
  • Designer: Travis D. Hill
  • Artist: Travis D. Hill


  • Page count: 14
  • Components: 54 cards, rules
  • Additional components needed: 60 cubes, 12 in 5 different colors

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