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Adventure Post is a series of solo-mini-adventures that were traditionally delivered to your door on a postcard each week. Every week was a small portion of an overall larger campaign which took many, many weeks to come to a conclusion. The postcard included a QR code or website address that directed you to the weekly adventure document. That document would explain the setup, instructions, and key areas on the adventure map. However... we have taken all of our adventure text documents and consolidated them into one nice package, giving the cover images a facelift and making it printer friendly.

Adrift uses pre-generated characters and simplistic dice rolls for combat and interacting with the world. There are a series of challenges related to survival in deep space on a broken vessel, all of which alter the final score. On the 12th week (or area), the adventure will be completed and to survive is to win.

The Story:
The emergency grew of the U.S.F. Montoya are suddenly awoken from their deep sleep when something goes terribly wrong. Together, the four of them and their smart-circuited auto-pilot must navigate the damaged vessel making repairs and fighting off alien orcs and their pets. Adrift is about survival in space, a test of skills in combat and engineering, and working as a team.


  • Players: 1 player
  • Ages: 8+
  • Length: 1 0-60 min.


  • Publisher: Geeks Collaborative Gaming
  • Designer: Shawn Hescock
  • Art: Indi Martin, Toby Lancaster


  • Page count: Postcard-Size: 14 or Full page size: 26, Rules: 84
  • Components: Postcards, Rulebook
  • Additional components needed: A pencil, an eraser, four dice of two different colors, and four miniatures or other small items to track your Crew’s location. With those in hand, your struggle for survival may begin. 

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