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Adamastor is a 1 to 2 players Co-operative game where you take the role of the Adventurous Captain of a Portuguese Vessel in the Age of Discovery. You have the choice of playing either a Historical Scenario (Vasco da Gama's trip to India), or a custom Scenario (where every game the map is different).

In Adamastor, each round you will have to handle several threats in order to keep the order and prevent a mutiny that would end what could be a glorious journey. You must contend with adverse weather, unpredictable storms, and the unrest, fatigue, and disease that will spread among your crew as the voyage advances.

All of this is abstracted in a game that uses a deck of 54 cards, some markers, and 1 pawn to track the position of your fleet (if you don't have markers and 1 pawn, you can even use coins).

Adamastor is essentially a hand/tableau management game with multiple use cards, that can be played in 15 minutes. Each card in play has the potential to help or to hinder you during your journey. Different events will trigger when certain combinations of icons are in play. Most of these events will hurt, but some might help. The challenges that the sailors faced in these heroic journeys are also abstracted in a system in which you will gain traumas. These cards will increase as the game progresses, making your task even more difficult.

Masterful command of these cards will lead you to a successful voyage full of wealth and adventure, but be wary as danger and disaster could reside with every pull from the deck.


  • Players: 1-2
  • Ages: 12+  
  • Length: 15 minutes  


  • Designer: Orlando Sá
  • Art: Orlando Sá


  • Page count: Rules 2 pages, Components  14 A4 pages
  • Components: Rules, 53 cards, 2 reference cards
  • Additional components needed: 5 cubes or tokens, 1 captain token

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