Agents Of S.M.U.S.H

Matt Clapham

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Agents Of S.M.U.S.H
Agents Of S.M.U.S.H
Agents Of S.M.U.S.H
Agents Of S.M.U.S.H

It’s the ‘70s - a time of cool spies, cool crimes and a complete lack of health and safety laws for villains. In this asymmetric game of hidden information and wits, take control of either the cunning, gadget-laden super-spy Harmony Grace, or construct the diabolical base defences of Dr Baron Von Death as S.M.U.S.H, defending him as he seeks to complete a moon-crystal-powered death ray. If Harmony can’t steal all three moon crystals back before the end of round six, it’s nighty nighty for freedom and liberty.

Inspired by the cyber tussles of Android: Netrunner, but condensed into just nine cards, Agents of S.M.U.S.H. is a mint-tin sized PnP game with a big mental contest inside it. It packs in all the thrills and dread of having to deduce what dastardly traps your opponent has in store, and all the tension of watching Harmony select her loadout each round, knowing that the right choices will cut through your lines like a laser watch through a Soviet train floor, but the wrong one will end in her certain capture.

  • Players: 2 
  • Ages: 12+
  • Length: 15mins
  • Publisher: Matt Clapham
  • Designer: Matt Clapham
  • Art: Matt Clapham
  • Page count: 2 of cards (6 page rulebook)
  • Components: 9 double-sided cards
  • Additional components needed: 2x D6 (any colour), 2x Henchmen tokens (black meeple), 2x Marine tokens (blue meeple), 1x Stun marker (pale blue disc, or similar), 3x Clue markers (red cubes recommended), 3x Moon crystals (crystals/white cubes), 1x D6 to track the current round

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