Beavers Be Dammed


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Beavers Be Dammed

Be the best beaver builder!

Compete with your neighboring beaversto build the best habitat for your beaver family!A good beaver knows how to build a good dam. They search for good trees to gnaw down, drag together, and pack them with mud to make sure they stand up to the river waters, setting up a great home for themselves. But they often have to compete with others for what they need...

You and your fellow players each control a beaver clan, and over the course of the game you will draw out your clan's construction efforts on your fork in the river. Taking turns, players will play cards from their hands to win tricks - those being the actions you take to build out your map.

Scouting for resources, digging canals to them, building dams with them, and finally selecting how your personal map scores.Build towards your self-selected scoring conditions better than your competitors, and yours will be the best beaver clan on the river!

Designed by six people with a combined experience of over 40 years listening to the Building the Game podcast, this game was created to celebrate the podcast's 400th episode. For more details on this staple of board game design listening, visit


  • Players: 1-8
  • Ages: 12+
  • Length: 30-60 minutes  


  • Publisher: Building The Game
  • Designer:  Nate Daugherty, Gray Detrick, Len Kedrow, Jason Slingerland, Neil Roberts, Vece Young


  • Page count: [coming soon]
  • Components: [coming soon]
  • Additional components needed: [coming soon]

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