Big Easy Busking

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Big Easy Busking
Big Easy Busking

Big Easy Busking is a print and play area control game for 1-5 players about being the best street musician in New Orleans. The game is played over three days (rounds), in which players choose which locations to play their set of songs. It takes time to play a song, so players decide on their next turn whether they're going to use all of their energy at the location or to only use some of it to save the rest for later songs. If a player matches the mood of the crowd with the song that they're playing, they can get bonus tips! 

  •  Thematic Actions: Songs require differing amounts of energy from musicians and players are rewarded greatly for playing the songs that the crowd wants to hear.
  •  Partially Known Information:  While you know where the other musicians are playing, you're never quite sure how much energy the other players will put into each of their performances until the end of their next turn. 
  •  Escalating Rounds: The game starts with three locations, but by the final round, there's five locations so players have to choose where to play wisely!
  •  Engaging Gameplay: Players determine how much energy to allocate to each location after seeing how other players play, so players must pay attention to what happens between their turns.

Decide whether you want to try to get a few tips from the crowd at every location or if you really want to win over a particular crowd in this musical game of area control!


  • Players: 1-5
  • Ages: 8+
  • Length: 45 minutes  


  • Publisher: Weird Giraffe Games
  • Designer: Joshua J Mills
  • Art: Andrew Thompson


  • Page Count: 20 pages (cards), rules (16 pages), tokens (2 pages)
  • Components: 5 Player Cards, 15 Crowd Cards, 33 Song Cards, 5 Reference Cards, 2 Robot Player Cards, Rulebook, 50 Money Tokens, 14 Mood Tokens, 4 Standard Tokens
  • Additional Components Needed: 5 sets of 15 energy tokens (75 total)

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