Capital Vices - Action Variants Expansion

Concept Medley LLC

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Capital Vices - Action Variants Expansion

This is a print and play expansion for Capital Vices and requires the base game.

This is a set of action variants to swap with those that come with the base game of Capital Vices.  Come up with any combination of the 7 sins in order to have a unique experience every time you play.  There are 14 new actions, 2 for each sin:

Wrath 1: Trash all resources of the same color in a coffer
Wrath 2: Trash all food or money in a coffer

Lust 1: choose a player to move a resource of their choosing from your coffer to theirs (3+ players)
Lust 2: arrange your own color resources to be in your neighboring coffers

Envy 1: move a resource from another coffer to yours and then matching resource types to other coffers
Envy 2: swap your color resources with two other color resources

Greed 1: flip a food to money and move a money to another coffer
Greed 2: gather all the same color money to a single coffer

Gluttony 1: flip a money to food and move a food to another coffer
Gluttony 2: gather all the same color food to a single coffer

Pride 1: either move your color resource to another coffer or flip all other color resources
Pride 2: swap your color resource with another color resource

Sloth 1: stash your color resource under another resource and flip a future action
Sloth 2: choose a future face up action and optionally perform it

The action variants also include 4 extra resources to add new layers of strategy to the game.


  • Players: 1-4
  • Ages: 12+
  • Length: 20-30 minutes  


  • Publisher: Concept Medley LLC
  • Designer: Corey Andalora and Donnie Coleman
  • Art: Jaques de l'Ange (public domain)
  • Page count: 6 (7 with rules)
  • Components: 7 Action cards, 8 Resource cards, 4 Player VP cards
  • Additional components needed: Anything to identify first player

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