Night Class (Episode 3): Teacher's Pet - REMASTERED

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Night Class (Episode 3): Teacher's Pet - REMASTERED
Night Class (Episode 3): Teacher's Pet - REMASTERED
Night Class (Episode 3): Teacher's Pet - REMASTERED

NEWLY REMASTERED EDITION: Updated graphics, layout and streamlined gameplay!

NEW SWAPPABLE ABILITY CARDS: Further customize your hero by mixing Ability cards from other episodes of Night Class.

In this unique roll & write game, you become a superhero-in-training. Customize your hero each round, while infiltrating the enemy's location and neutralizing the threats. But hurry, time is ticking and you might not be able to save everyone!

Dr. Killian Switch, the world-renowned engineer, had been missing for days, before returning with an army of robots. His demands were short and dark—surrender the city to his control or face annihilation at the hands of his minions. Well, former teacher or no, this professor needs to be dismissed. Now hopefully you can stop this madman, because a failing grade is the least of your concerns!

Object of the Game: Defeat Killian Switch, Nemetron and EVE-209. You lose if you cross out your last Stamina point, or the public’s Trust drops too low (all squares filled in).

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  • Players: 1
  • Ages: 10+
  • Length: 20-30 minutes  


  • Publisher: Epic Endeavor Games
  • Designer: Jason Greeno
  • Art: Smashicons and Freepik from


  • Page count: 1
  • Components: None
  • Additional components needed: 4 six-sided dice, pencil/pen

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