Djinn's Game


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Djinn's Game
Djinn's Game

Djinn's Game is a light, tug-of-war style game for three players who each assume the role of a greedy Djinn. Using the Djinn's command over the winds, players attempt to collect a variety of coins falling from the sky. As the Djinn battle, whirlwinds rise and fall in the desert sand, changing the direction of the falling coins and your ability to collect them.


  • Players: 3
  • Ages: 6+
  • Length: 15 minutes


  • Designer: Nick Hayes
  • Art: Nick Hayes


  • Page count: 9
  • Components: 3 Djinn dials, 3 Coin tracks, 33 Coins, 10 Foreign coin cards, 1 Whirlwind token
  • Additional components needed: 1 cloth pouch

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