Doctor Smuglfreud's Marvelous Machine


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Doctor Smuglfreud's Marvelous Machine
Doctor Smuglfreud's Marvelous Machine
Doctor Smuglfreud's Marvelous Machine

In this set collection programming card game, your old mentor has invited you to the unveiling of his masterpiece, a modular perpetual motion machine, only to disappear just as the event is about to begin! It is up to you, his former apprentices, to save the day and demonstrate this strange machine in his absence. Wow the audience, earn Prestige for your mentor, and discover the bizarre secrets of Doctor Smuglfreud's Marvelous Machine!

The premise is simple: module cards can interact with each other to generate a perpetual cycle of movements. There are many ways to get it right...but even more for things to go horribly awry! As you experiment with the temperamental machine, you will learn how to assemble sets of cards to make sensational combinations.

Three modes vary gameplay and win conditions:

Rival Mode: compete with your rival to earn the most Prestige within the round limit.
Demo Mode: work together or alone to earn the goal amount of Prestige (or more!) as quickly as possible.
Puzzle Mode: work together or alone to create one spectacular design.

This game was first developed as an entry in the 2018 9-Card Nanogame Print and Play Design Contest, where it won several awards:

  • Most Innovative Mechanic
  • Most Thematic Game (Steampunk)
  • Best Artwork (Giampiero Randazzo)


  • Players: 1-2
  • Ages: 10+
  • Length: 15-20 minutes  


  • Publisher: Onthewayover
  • Designer: Onthewayover
  • Art: Giampiero Randazzo


  • Page count: 7
  • Components: 18 cards, rules
  • Additional components needed: 9 coins or tokens

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