Drive Like Hell

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Drive Like Hell
Drive Like Hell
Drive Like Hell
Drive Like Hell was a finalist in Button Shy Game's September Challenge where all 18 cards were required to be identical!
    With your recently rescued lover in tow, you now flee the minions of Hell, and the Devil himself. The creature from the pit will own your lover’s soul unless you can reach the sanctity and safety of Saint Joseph's Cathedral. So shift your car into high gear and Drive Like Hell!

    Object of the Game: To win the game you must reach the Saint Joes location without The Devil reaching you, having your vehicle receive four points of damage or having a Fiend reach your location.


      • Players: 1 
      • Length: 10-15 minutes  
      • Ages: 12+


      • 18 Identical cards (Front and back are different)
      • Rules


      • None

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