Dungeon Ball: Legend


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Dungeon Ball: Legend
Dungeon Ball: Legend
Dungeon Ball: Legend
Dungeon Ball: Legend

The next season of Dungeon Ball is upon us, and you have the opportunity to take your team to the championship and become the best quarterback in the league along the way.

Dungeon Ball Legend can be played in two modes: Exhibition (one game) or Season (six games). In each game, you’ll attempt to guide your team to victory by scoring more points than your opponent, and you’ll try to rack up as many highlights as possible to gain votes in the race to win the Hegzug Trophy (it’s kind of like the Heisman…)


  • Players: 1
  • Ages: 10+
  • Length: 20 minutes  


  • Publisher: Barrett Publishing
  • Designer: Gabe Barrett


  • Page count: 11 page rulebook, (17) 2-sided page cards
  • Additional components needed: 10 six-sided dice, 7 cubes

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