Dungeon Flee

Joseph Propati

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Dungeon Flee
Dungeon Flee
Dungeon Flee
Dungeon Flee

Dungeon Flee is a card-driven dungeon crawl with deck building. Six dungeon corridors, filled with monsters, traps, doors, treasures, empty corridors, dead ends and stairs await you. You must navigate these corridors to help you escape the dungeon.

Each round you must travel through a corridor which takes you closer to the exit or to a possible dead end. Keep running and if you hit a dead end turn around and continue running. Each round presents you with new encounters and new dangers but you many also find forgotten treasures and empty corridors for you to rest in.

If you can survive long enough to make it through four stairs heading up, you escape the dungeon and warn your village. Take too long and hordes of monsters overrun you. Never to be heard from again.


  • Players: 1
  • Ages: 13+
  • Length: 45-70 minutes


  • Publisher: Joseph Propati
  • Designer: Joseph Propati
  • Art: Nicoleta Stavarache


  • Page count: 13
  • Components: 107 cards, 10 Standee counters, Reference Card, Rulebook
  • Additional components needed: 1 red meeple and 1 (10mm) yellow cube

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