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Endangered brings a team of wildlife conservationists together toward safeguarding animal populations amidst ecological threats. Empower your cause through a majority vote from legislators, all before the time is up.

Upon each turn, conservationists will roll the dice they can allocate to action cards. However, the die placed to take an action must be larger than one previously placed, or the card is locked to that player. After actions are taken, endangered animal mating pairs will have a chance to procreate, and destruction tiles will enter game play, possibly eliminating already scarce animals.

Each game round is considered a year. Depending on the number of players, two sequential years will be designated as voting years. Building influence with United Nations ambassadors is part of the game play that occurs by tallying influence for a majority vote during those two years. Once four of the six ambassadors vote “yes” on the conservation resolution during a voting year, then the players win.

By contrast, should game play reduce the number of animals to one or less, or should the team run out of destruction tiles or time, the team loses the game.

We have included all 5 Roles here; We have included the Tiger, Sea Otter, and Panda modules.

PLEASE NOTE: The Print and play files include the card backs but are not currently setup for duplex printing. We are working with the Publisher to update the files for that option.


  • Players: 1-5
  • Ages: 10+
  • Length: 60 minutes  


  • Publisher: Grand Gamers Guild
  • Designer: 
  • Art: 


  • Page count: Rules (10), Components – Fronts (36), Backs (17)

  • Components: 136 cards

  • Additional components needed: 3 Dice per player. They need to be distinct so that you can tell each player’s dice apart. Ideally you would have 3 blue, 3 green, 3 gray, 3 brown and 3 purple, to match the role colors. If you can’t find such dice, make a colored mark on your player mat matching your dice color.

    2 additional dice to act as Offspring and Destruction diceThey don’t need to be different from each other.

    25 green cubes (or some other marker) to act as Influence markers.

    A flat marker (like a disc or coin) to act as the Year marker.

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