Expedition to Skull Island

CC Chamberlin

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Expedition to Skull Island
Expedition to Skull Island
Expedition to Skull Island

Skull Island is a simple, fast, solitaire RPG game in a print-and-play format.

“That’s worth far more than six pieces of eight,” the old sailor growled across the table. You thought his estimation of the parchment a bit high, but your hand was strong, and in the end, you won the pot and the “treasure map” the poor old sod had put up.

It wasn’t until three ruffians jumped you in the alley and tried to steal it that you decided there might be something to this map. And if nothing else, if someone were gunning for your gizzard to get the map back, you might as well take your leave of Tortuga. So you decided to gather your crew, provision the ship, and head out for this ”Skull Island”.

  • Players: 1 
  • Ages: 12+
  • Length: 15-20 minutes
  • Publisher: Barking Dog Interactive
  • Designer: CC Chamberlin
  • Art: CC Chamberlin
    • Page count: 67
    • Components: 
      • Rules
      • The roster and map sheet and reference sheet.
    • Additional components needed: 
      • Paper, pencil, and eraser to note special items, rules, and locations. Optionally, also for writing journal entries. Colored pencils are optional but recommended.
      • Two six-sided dice.
      • Tokens that fit on the hexes on the map for crew, ship, longboats, shift, and camp. We recommend dimes, meeples, wooden cubes, etc. You can also track the location of these things in pencil on your map.

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