Fable on Your Table

CC Chamberlin

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Fable on Your Table
Fable on Your Table
Fable on Your Table
Fable on Your Table

Fable on your Table is a print-and-play "roguelike" miniatures game where you take on the role of an adventurer and plunge into a dungeon trying to complete an objective.

Play out the battles with papercraft miniatures you cut out and assemble (or use your own!), guided by the companion web app that procedurally generates the dungeons you explore.  When you complete a quest, you level up.  Level up five times to ascend and win the game!

The miniatures rules may also be used for general tabletop miniatures play with scenarios you invent. The rules are generic enough that they can be used with your own miniatures and terrain, and there are even rules for playing grid-less. 

How to Play:

How to Assemble:

  • Players: 1 
  • Ages: 12+
  • Length: Session length 1-2 hours, game spans several sessions.
  • Publisher: Barking Dog Interactive
  • Designer: CC Chamberlin
  • Art: CC Chamberlin
    • Page count: 36
    • Components: Rule booklet, 11 different types of printable miniatures, 12 different types of printable dungeon scenery, 5 different dungeon tiles
    • Additional components needed:
  • At least one set of polyhedral dice: d4, d6, d8, d10, d12.
            (Optional) Three additional sets in different colors.
            Pencil and eraser.
            (Optional) Tokens for tracking Stamina and Health (30/15).
            Web access to

  • Papercraft Construction:
            Recommended to print all papercraft on card stock.
            Scissors or craft knife.
            Glue or rubber cement.
            A ruler or straightedge.

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