Fail Faster Playtesting Journal eBook

Jay Cormier

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Fail Faster Playtesting Journal eBook
Fail Faster Playtesting Journal eBook
Fail Faster Playtesting Journal eBook

Designing a board game requires a lot of creativity, but also some discipline when it comes to the most vital part of the process: playtesting your game. The Fail Faster Playtesting Journal eBook will guide you throughout your playtesting process to ensure that you’re capturing the right information as well as guide you towards improving your design.  At its core, the Fail Faster Playtesting Journal contains pages to keep track of 36 playtests. The journal is most useful if you dedicate one journal to each game that you are designing, but you could easily use one journal to keep track of all the different games you’re designing. Each section has been tested and planned for optimal use of space.

Matt Leacock "A handy tool to help guide designers and build good habits."

Jamey Stegmaier "I am really impressed with all the special features in the Fail Faster journal. The printed dice, ruler and score track are very useful, and the dozens of Pro Tips offer solid practical advice for design and prototyping."

Kevin Wilson "Fail Faster is a great resource for beginning game designers as well as old hands who need to improve their habits. It'll help you take more away from the table each time."

Jonathan Gilmour "The Fail Faster Journal is a wonderful tool for game designers at all levels! It's packed full of great advice, and tools to help you focus your playtesting and refine your craft!"

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