Feral State: Campaign trilogy

Nuka Zombee

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Feral State: Campaign trilogy
Feral State: Campaign trilogy
Feral State: Campaign trilogy
Feral State: Campaign trilogy
Feral State: Campaign trilogy

Innovative combat system and unique art style! Eliminate zombies, collect useful loot, buy perks in order to survive in this harsh postapocalyptic world. Fun-tastic print-and-play game testing your zombie apocalypse survival skills. All-inclusive hour-long campaign featuring all three chapters of the story.

This edition includes a set of 100 unique hand-drawn zombies and a set of postapocalyptic locations backgrounds for your custom game ideas and inspiration!

The core game consists of 8 game sheets, rules, skill tree and a campaign mode rules sheet. The other 24 pages include mods, zombie art, locations art and other add-ons.


  • Players: 1-2
  • Ages: 8+
  • Length: 60 Minutes


  • Publisher: Nuka Zombee
  • Designer: Nuka Zombee
  • Art: Nuka Zombee


  • Page count: 35
  • Components: 8 Game Sheets(A4), 1 Rules(A4), 1 Write Sheet(A4), 10 Zombie Art Sheets(A4), 1 What-to-print instructions(A4), 1 Events mod(A4), 2 Feral State Chapter 1 "Hard version" sheets(A4), 1 Scenarios mod from Chapter 2(A4), 1 Achievements and Co-op mod(A4), 1 Skill tree(A4), 1 Campaign rules(A4), 4 Apocalyptic locations art(A4), 1 Scenarios mod from Chapter 3(A4), 1 Chronicle Herald lore newspaper(A4), 1 Zombie Hunter's Journal lore item(A4)
  • Additional components needed: (1)D6 and a pen

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