Impossible Identity

Cezar Capacle

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Impossible Identity
Impossible Identity
Impossible Identity

Introducing Impossible Identity, a thrilling solo RPG that plunges you into the clandestine world of espionage.

In this game, you step into the shoes of a secret agent, infiltrating the most guarded locations, and combating sinister threats to restore justice.

With danger lurking at every corner, you must rely on your skills to navigate the treacherous terrain of international intrigue. Will you forge unlikely alliances, outsmart masterminds, or sabotage ominous operations? The fate of the world is in your hands, and your impossible identity is your only hope.

Key Highlights:

1. Solo Adventure:  Designed for thrilling single-player action, immerse yourself in high-stakes spy missions that reignite the magic of classic espionage tales.

2. Minimalistic Rules: All you need to navigate your missions is a single d6, simplifying gameplay without losing the thrill of unpredictability.

3. Smartphone Compatible:  The gamebook is formatted to be read comfortably on your smartphone screen, making it perfect for on-the-go gaming.

4. Captivating Tables: The game's tables evoke the best of spy themes, immersing you into an atmosphere of suspense, intrigue, and danger.

5. Diverse Archetypes: Choose from six unique archetypes, each with its own traits and quirks, offering multiple paths for you to weave your spy saga. 

In "Impossible Identity," every choice could be a lifeline or a trap, every mission a step closer to victory or defeat. How far will you go to protect your world?


  • Players: 1
  • Ages: 10+
  • Length: 20 Minutes


  • Publisher: Cezar Capacle
  • Designer: Cezar Capacle
  • Art: Cezar Capacle


  • Page count: 10 pages
  • Components: Rules
  • Additional components needed: (1) D6

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