In Name Only

Jack Rosetree

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In Name Only
In Name Only
In Name Only

A rules-light, storytelling RPG where your real, actual name is your destiny!

You're doing something mild mannered when the fantastic happens. You are whisked away to a distant magical land. You have nothing... but your name...

In Name Only is a minimalist role-playing system where your real, actual name determines all your skills, abilities, and powers.

Letters in your name correspond to talents. For example, A is for Archery and B is for Brawling. A longer name means more talents with a smaller bonus while a shorter name means fewer talents but with a larger bonus.

The Core Mechanics

In Name Only uses a fairly simple system. When players need to make checks, they roll a d20 and add a bonus (usually between +3 and +5 depending on the length of their name). If the result is 10 or more, they succeed.

Check modifiers are used to alter the circumstances and mechanics of a check. A difficult check requires a 15 to succeed instead of a 10. A dangerous check knocks a character out of the game for the remainder of the scene if they fail it.


  • Players: 4-6


  • Publisher: J. Harper Rosetree and Doug Levandowski
  • Designer: J. Harper Rosetree and Doug Levandowski
  • Art: Alison Cardinale


  • Page count: 17
  • Additional components needed: Each player will need a character sheet (at the end of this document), a writing implement (not included), a 20-sided die (also called a d20, also not included), and friends (again, not included). The gamemaster (GM) will need a copy of this document, a bit of creativity (not included, but hopefully you already have some), and their own d20 (not included, but hopefully the players brought some).

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