King for a Day

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King for a Day
King for a Day
King for a Day
King for a Day
King for a Day
King for a Day

Manage your resources and make wise deals to build the most powerful city in the land. Each round, one player will act as the Ruler and provide a powerful opportunity to the other players. They will each present an offer of gold and other resources, in hopes of winning the Ruler's favor.

Besides getting ahead with shrewd offers (and choosing wisely when acting as Ruler) players gain power by commissioning buildings, producing goods and gathering resources on their turns. After a set number of rounds, the council will convene and choose the one most fit to rule the land, based on the power of each prospect's growing city.

With simple rules, powerful advantages, and the chance to take charge over your friends, King for a Day gives gamers of all types something to enjoy.


    • Players: 3-5
    • Ages: 10+
    • Length: 30-45 Minutes


    • Publisher: Mike Petty Games
    • Designer: Mike Petty
    • Art: Pratama Adi Saputra, Mike Petty


    • Page count: 24
    • Components: 63 Resource cards, 12 Deal cards, 10 Goods tiles, 35 Signature tokens, 15 large gold coins and 72 small gold coins
    • Additional components: A pencil for each player Optionally, use coins for the gold and cubes or other tokens for Signature tokens

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