Legends of Dsyx: Spellcraft Academy

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Legends of Dsyx: Spellcraft Academy
Legends of Dsyx: Spellcraft Academy

Classes are almost out at Cliffspire Academy. As a first year Arcana student, your final exam is to create a functional spell scroll. The more impressive and varied the spells, the higher your marks.

Of course you can't get your cauldron tuned quite right, and your quill of inscribing is on the fritz, and what does "Aveum" mean again?

Spellcraft Academy is a solitaire roll-and-write game played on a grid of letters. The player rolls a die to navigate the grid, selecting letters and copying them on a separate, blank grid. Points are scored for each completed word, chosen out of a word bank. The words in the bank are classified as either "aspects," "elements," or "methods," and combining them -- having one word use letters from another -- is the way to score big points.

After there's no space left on the grid to inscribe more letters, the game ends, and points are tallied. A grading rubric tells the player whether they've passed the test... or failed, and need to take it again.  


  • Players: 1
  • Ages: 10+ 
  • Length: 15 minutes  


  • Publisher: Button Shy Games
  • Designer: Robin Gibson
  • Artist: Robin Gibson


  • Page count: 1
  • Components: 1 page
  • Additional components needed: 1 six-sided die and a pencil

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