Looking for a Healer

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Looking for a Healer
Looking for a Healer
Looking for a Healer
Looking for a Healer
Looking for a Healer
Looking for a Healer
Looking for a Healer

Looking For Healer is a love letter to the experiences you had partying up with horrible people in MMOs. Players take the role of the healer in a pickup group of ... just the worst party of randoms. Players can pick from three healer classes with unique skills to keep their allies alive against tough boss battles.

Turns have two phases: the boss phase and the healer phase. In the boss phase, players draw an action card from the boss's card deck. These cards can be attacks, summoned minions, or events of your party doing something stupid. These will cause your party to lose health.

During the healer phase, you respond with the healing spell cards in your hand. From your standard Heal over Time spells and direct healing spells, to shields and resurrection spells, each of the three healer classes has plenty of tools to help restore your allies. Once spells are played, they go on a cooldown where you cannot use them for some time. An important facet of the strategy is thinking ahead to have the right spell ready at the right time.

Keep your allies from dying (to the boss or to their own stupidity) and victory will be yours!

Good luck. Have fun.


  • Players: 1 or 2
  • Ages: 13+
  • Length: 30-45 minutes


  • Publisher: BentStencil Entertainment
  • Designer: Brian Collins


  • Page count: 20
  • Components: 24 Lich Boss Cards, 30 Dragon Boss Cards, 18 Healer Spell Cards, 2 Boss HP Mats, 4 Ally HP Mats

Additional components needed: 10-12 tokens

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