Loss in Space

Karl Juhlke

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Loss in Space
Loss in Space
Loss in Space
Loss in Space

The Loss in Space print and play game is simple competitive sci-fi game for 1-4 players. You're trying to escape your home planet and get to a new planet. It's a fast paced game, where the tables can turn any minute. You can help or sabotage another player, outfit your ship with the best ship parts you can, enhance the performance your shield or weapons or engine with performance enhancers. Play with the included events expansion to add some variety to your game.

The solar system is dying. The twin suns are imploding and the resulting vacuum is sucking all planets towards them which will eradicate all life. There are four inhabited planets in your solar system, all at odds with one another. Thankfully you found a habitable planet 14 parsecs away that will allow your race to thrive once more. Unfortunately, the rest of the planets in the solar system have discovered this new home world as well. This new world will only allow one race to live there in peace. It’s your duty with your intrepid crew to bring several hundred pioneers, frozen in stasis, to this new home world to restart your civilization. It’s the ultimate race with only one surviving species.

Updated 5/11: An exciting new solo mode has been added!


  • Players: 1-4
  • Ages: 12+
  • Length: 15-60 minutes  


  • Publisher: Karl Juhlke
  • Designer: Karl Juhlke
  • Art: Karl Juhlke


    • Page count: 42 (game), 20 (rules), 8 (solo rules)
    • Components:
      • 8 Ship Cards, 4 Parsec Cards, 80 Obstacle Cards, 8 Event Obstacle Cards, 80 Resource Cards, 30 Counter Tokens, 1 Rulebook
    • Additional components needed: 5 Dice (4 coloured, 1 black)

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