Mythical Menagerie

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Mythical Menagerie
Mythical Menagerie
Mythical Menagerie

Match cards by color and creature, building sets to score points. Each of the 5 creatures has a special power to give you more control over your hand and card sets.

Gameplay: draw 2 cards from the deck or any discard piles, play 1 to your sets and optionally use its power, then discard 1 card.

Strategy: Curate your hand by drawing from the deck or discard piles. Be careful which cards you discard, because other players may pick them up. Select which creatures to play based on their powers and the sets you are trying to build.

Creature powers: Rabbit, draw another card. Dragon, score +1 for a set of Dragons. Qilin, play another card. You need to discard a card to use this power. Fox, snag a matching color card from another player. Tortoise, protect yourself from foxes.


  • Players: 2-4
  • Ages: 12+
  • Length: 25 minutes  


  • Publisher: Mindfruit Games
  • Designer: Rob Seib
  • Art: Rob Seib


  • Page count: 14
  • Components: 50 creature cards, 1 phase card, rules
  • Additional components needed: None

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