Ninja: Silent But Deadly

Button Shy Games

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Ninja: Silent But Deadly
Ninja: Silent But Deadly
Ninja: Silent But Deadly

Ninjas! Their very name conjures images of black-clad, highly trained assassins. Now, the mystique and power can be yours to use as you see fit.

Ninja: Silent But Deadly is more than just a game; it's a metagame to be played in the background with ninja-like skills, making it perfect for a game night, casual party, or other social gathering.

To play, hand out one “You Lose!” card to every player. Each player has until the end of the game session to slip their card somewhere where another player will be forced to find it. Amongst other cards of a game currently in play, in their chips, etc. Be creative! And don’t get caught! When a "You Lose!" card is found by another player, that player is out. The last player standing wins.


  • Players: 2-12
  • Ages: 8+
  • Length: 30-360 minutes  


  • Publisher: Button Shy Games
  • Designer: Benjamin Gerber
  • Art: Embla Vigfusdottir


  • Page count: 7
  • Components: 18 cards, rules

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