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Orchard is the award winning solitaire 'tile laying' game of fruit harvesting that plays in under 10 minutes.

Grow your orchard and harvest as much fruit as you can by playing cards so that their fruit trees overlap other trees bearing the same fruit. The more trees you overlap, the more fruit you'll pick.

Dice keep track of your increasing harvest and tokens represent ‘rotten fruit'. These allow you to lay a card that you wouldn't otherwise be able to - but come with a points forfeit. So you must decide if and when to play them.

How fruitful will your harvest be? Pal-tree? Forget-apple? Or plum-believably pear-fect?


  • Players 1 (multi-player possible with one copy per player)
  • Ages: 8+
  • Length:10 minutes


  • Publisher: Mark Tuck
  • Designer: Mark Tuck
  • Art: Mark Tuck


  • Page Count: 2 pages of cards, 1 page of rules
  • Components: 18 cards, 1 rules sheet (low ink cards and card backs also included)
  • Additional components needed: 15 D6 (5 in each of 3 different colours), 2 tokens

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