Paper Dungeons

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Paper Dungeons
Paper Dungeons
Paper Dungeons
Paper Dungeons
Paper Dungeons
Paper Dungeons

A plague has swept the land, caused by the sorcery of the evil Dungeonmasters. They have hidden their dark magic in Plaguestones, and built epic dungeons to protect these cursed totems. Brave Heroes must search the dungeons and destroy the Plaguestones to bring an end to this all consuming virus.

  • Heroes enter a Dungeon built by the Dungeonmaster, who has control of a horde of Fiends.
  • Each Hero has a special ability - use them wisely.
  • The Heroes move through the Dungeon to search for the Plaguestones.
  • The Dungeonmaster directs their army of Fiends to kill the Heroes and defend the Plaguestones.
  • Before you start, agree on how many Fiends will be used (4 = Civilian, 5 = Seasoned, >5 = Veteran)
  • When the last Plaguestone is destroyed or the last Hero dies, the game is over.

This game is designed to allow two players (or two teams of players) to enjoy a fun game and each other’s company over communications software like Skype or Discord, etc. to encourage social distancing.

Stay inside, stay safe.


  • Players: 2 players or 2 teams 
  • Ages: 12+
  • Length: 15mins


  • Publisher: Half Monster Games
  • Designer: Half Monster Games


  • Page count: 6 rules and components
  • Components: Map and tokens
  • Additional components needed: D6 dice

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