Pilfering Pandas

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Pilfering Pandas
Pilfering Pandas
Pilfering Pandas
Pilfering Pandas
Pilfering Pandas
Pilfering Pandas

Pilfering Pandas is a modern reinvention of a classic set collection card game that requires carefully timed & targeted actions. The key to winning is knowing when to sneak and pilfer more unwanted food from the Hideout (a spread of cards visible to all players) and when to stay put. Getting this wrong can be costly or even disastrous.

Pilfering Pandas has 3 game modes:

  • Competitive: Players each attempt to make their escape, individually trying not to attract too much attention while hindering the escape attempts of their fellow pandas.
  • Cooperative: All players work together to escape, always trying to stay one step ahead of the Zookeeper.
  • Solo: Working on your own, your job is to get the help you need from the Meerkats and make your escape before the Zookeeper notices.

Although the gameplay in Pilfering Pandas is easy to understand the strategy is harder to master. This means Pilfering Pandas is suited to both adults who like quick games but with lots of decision making as well as families (cooperative recommended for under 12s).


  • Players: 1-4 Players
  • Ages: 10+
  • Length: 20-30 minutes


  • Publisher: Wren Games 
  • Designer: Janice Turner, Stu Turner
  • Art: Gianfranco Giordano


  • Page count: 28
  • Components: Cards only
  • Additional components needed: Coop: 2 tokens, different colours. Comp: 4 tokens, different colours

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