Pocket Tactics: Core Set 1

Ill Gotten Games

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Pocket Tactics: Core Set 1
Pocket Tactics: Core Set 1
Pocket Tactics: Core Set 1
Pocket Tactics: Core Set 1
Pocket Tactics: Core Set 1

Note: This is a digital product. It includes 3D printing files to print your own miniatures.

 is a fast-paced, modular strategy boardgame in which fantasy forces battle for control of a randomly generated hex map. We first introduced Pocket-Tactics as a 3D print-and-play game back in 2012. It's had lots of iterations in the years since and this is the commercial version.

This set includes STL files for all the pieces needed to play the game and PDF files for rules and stat cards. The only thing you’ll need to add is six-sided dice to play the game.

The core set features two factions: the Legion of the High King and the Tribes of the Dark Forest, including:

  • 12 fantasy miniature STLs
  • a set of 7 different hex terrain tiles
  • a rules PDF with printable stat cards
  • BONUS: stat cards for use with our OpenTactics wargaming rules

The miniatures are 15mm scale, but we’ve included enlarged standard (30mm) scale versions as well (with corresponding tiles) for players who would like a Table-Tactics experience. These larger models would also be great for any tabletop RPG or wargame!

The 15mm designs are optimized to print on home FDM machines without need for supports. They also print beautifully in resin. Keep in mind that because of the 15mm optimization, the need for supports on the 30mm versions may vary.

Miniatures designed by Dutchmogul.


  • Players: 2
  • Ages: 10+
  • Length: 30 minutes


  • Publisher: Ill Gotten Games
  • Designer: Ill Gotten Games lead designer Dutchmogul
  • Art: Cam Croft


  • Page count: 2 pages stat cards, link to latest Open tactics Rules
  • Components:
    • 12 fantasy miniature STLs
    • 7 different hex terrain tiles
    • stat cards

  • Additional components needed:
    • 12 six sided dice, 6 each in two colors (preferably red and blue)

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