Pretty Fairy Princesses

Jack Rosetree

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Pretty Fairy Princesses
Pretty Fairy Princesses
Pretty Fairy Princesses

Pretty Fairy Princesses is a rules-light role-playing game where those three descriptors are your core statistics. Pretty represents your self-confidence, charisma, and energy. Fairy represents the strength of your supernatural heritage. Princess represents your emotional thoughtfulness.

Pretty Fairy Princesses uses a poker deck for its action resolutions. When taking an action, a player has a number of chances to reveal a specific type of card. The number of chances is based on the number assigned to the appropriate core stat. The type of card needed is based on a descriptor assigned to the appropriate skill.

So let's say Princess Rainbowgallop wants to make a gift for Dr. Turtle (a scrapbooking action). Rainbowgallop has a 2 in the Princess stat and a Hearts in the scrapbooking skill. The player has two chances to find a card with the hearts suit in order to succeed.

There's a bit of cooperative communication thrown in, but that's the core.


  • Designer: Jack Rosetree


  • Page count: 24
  • Components: 1 book
  • Additional Components Needed: 1 deck of playing cards

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