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Game Noir is a vintage-inspired board game of finding your destiny as one of the private detectives. Players have to decide wisely what to do with their action points as they move along the NOIR path. Unpredictable events occur there, the detectives may encounter the femme fatale, end up in the bar for a while, or chase the suspect. They gather black and white tokens they can use to cancel effects of unfavorable events. The tokens also determine to which final path (peace, justice, revenge) a player goes. Then they roll dice and earn victory points for achieving various endings (beware, death is one of them). Being the first to achieve an ending, having an alliance with the femme fatale and/or catching the suspect gives the players bonus points.

Additional components needed: different colored pawns (2-5 for detectives, 1 for femme fatale, 1 for a suspect, 1 spare pawn if possible), 1-2 D6

Designer: Jitka Hausteinová

Player Count: 2-5
Length: 30-45 minutes
Ages: 12+

Note: This is a prototype. Any questions about the game should be directed to the creators. 

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