Quests Over Coffee Expansion: Resolutions

Alexander Shen

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Quests Over Coffee Expansion: Resolutions
Quests Over Coffee Expansion: Resolutions

Who needs resolutions when you're perfectly fine? I mean, honestly, you've made it this far in life and are still walking around, doing quests, existing. That's got to be worth something, right? So instead of trying to new-year-new-you, relish in the fact that you're pretty great and lean in on that.

What is included in this expansion?

9 cards of joy: 1 Environment, 4 Quest Cards, 3 Items, 1 Companion!

Where can I find the Base Game?

The Quests Over Coffee Base Game can be found here. Any Quests Over Coffee game requires 10 Quest cards and at least 6 Item cards, so it's best to start there if you don't have enough!  If you want to play with Companions or Environments, make sure to read the most up to date rule set (2.0 or above)!

What is Quests Over Coffee?

Quests Over Coffee is a single player dice throwing game where you try to claim fame and fortune. With a some strategy, some items, and a little bit of luck, you can find yourself on the other side of the glory or in the pit of a grave.

The game is also a system that allows for you to create your own Quests and Items to experience. Let your imagination and experience run free!


  • Players: 1
  • Ages: 8+  
  • Length: 5-10 minutes  


  • Publisher: Alexander Shen
  • Designer: Alexander Shen
  • Art: Alexander Shen


  • Page count: 1+ (Different Print Options)
  • Components: Rules, Cards
  • Additional components needed: Base Game,
    6xd6, 5x Health tokens, 5x Luck tokens, 10x Money tokens (8mm cubes recommended), 1x Player card (included in Base set -- recommended you draw on this your own profile picture and name), Coffee / Tea / Drink of Choice (optional but preferred)

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