Relics of Danoria

Cezar Capacle

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Relics of Danoria
Relics of Danoria
Relics of Danoria
Relics of Danoria
Relics of Danoria

After the fall of Queen Nahlet, the Just, Danoria was seized by Korlax, the Crimson Wizard. You are The Prestige, the remaining heroes of the fallen kingdom, that swore an oath to retrieve the Lost Relics and restore peace and prosperity to the Danorian.

This is not a game about "killing monsters and taking their stuff". The only enemies are the spawn of Korlax, the wizard. All species you find across the lands of Danoria belong there and are intelligent. The characters are heroes with a noble cause, despite their flaws.

Relics of Danoria is a two-page fantasy adventure game that will have you explore a whimsical world and face dangers in search of the Lost Relics.

This is the first Push-powered game published using the Push SRD.


  • Players: 1
  • Ages: 10+
  • Length: 20 Minutes


  • Publisher: Cezar Capacle
  • Designer: Cezar Capacle


  • Page count: 2 plus an 8 page booklet.
  • Components: Instruction sheet, Booklet
  • Additional components needed: (2)D6 Dice

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