Rivet Heads

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Rivet Heads
Rivet Heads
Rivet Heads

In Rivet Heads, you're the boss of the most badass squad of mercs, fixers, and runners in the Sprawl. Make deals to secure top-of-the-line upgrades for your crew, and score the most rep by the end of three cycles.

Any time your marker is the one on the card closest to the deck, you will take the following actions:
1: Add the card that is currently underneath your marker to position 1 of your assembly line. You may add it either action side or scoring side up.
2. Choose a card in the new row by placing your marker on it.
3. Activate your assembly line and update your upgrade trackers accordingly. Discard the card in position THREE of your assembly line and slide the 2 remaining cards down to open up position ONE once again. If the card was on its action side, then it is discarded, if it was on its scoring side then add it to your score pile.
4. The player whose marker is now closest to the deck takes their turn.

Once the final player has taken their actions, form a new row of cards and a new round can start with the player whose marker is placed on the card closest to the deck. When a Cycle deck runs out, move on to the next Cycle deck in sequence until all cards have been chosen.

Once the Cycle 3 deck is empty and all cards have been chosen, continue activating your assembly line until all cards have left your assembly line. (i.e. the final card you chose will activate a full 3 times) Then move on to scoring.



  • Players: 2-4
  • Ages: 12+
  • Length: 30-45 minutes  


  • Designer: Tony Miller
  • Artist: Daniel Newman
  • Publisher: New Mill Industries
  • Page count: 38
  • Components: Cards, Tracking Mats, Rulebook
  • Additional components needed: Wood discs (4 each of red, green, blue, purple, orange, yellow), 8 player markers (2 each of brown, white, black, grey)

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