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Roll & Farm
Roll & Farm

You know the drill: you have your farm, and your goal is to make the most money by growing crops, raising animals, and transforming your materials into products that sell for more money, which you will use to improve your equipment to have access to new productions that sell for even more. However, it's not just you, as you will compete against neighboring farms to see who has the most successful farm in the State.

Roll & Farm is a simple Roll & Write based on relaxing farm simulation games that allows you to play a simplified version with any number of friends. You can also play it alone, for which there is a table of objectives that you must achieve in order to be successful. In any case, I hope you have fun.


  • Players: 1+
  • Ages: 12+
  • Length: 20-40 minutes  


  • Publisher: Cassandra A. Castro
  • Designer: Cassandra A. Castro
  • Art: Cassandra A. Castro


  • Page count: 12
  • Components: Manual, Farm Sheets, Production Sheets
  • Additional components needed: 4 dice, pencil and eraser

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