Roll on the Range

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Roll on the Range
Roll on the Range
Roll on the Range

Working on a ranch can be an exciting adventure, full of challenges, triumphs, and unforgettable experiences. Whether you're rounding up animals into their corrals, or taking them to the state fair, there's never a dull moment when you're living and working in the heart of the countryside.

Imagine the thrill of loading up your prize-winning cows, pigs, chickens, and sheep onto a trailer, driving them to the fairgrounds, and watching as they compete against the best animals in the state.

It's a chance to show off your hard work, your skill, and your dedication to raising the finest animals around. Of course, running a ranch is a big job, and sometimes you need a little help. That's where hiring farm hands comes in.

Whether it's a few extra hands during the busy season or a full-time specialist to help manage the day-to-day operations, having a team of skilled workers can make all the difference.

Roll on the Range simulates all of that adventure into a single page PNP roll and draw experience. Designed and illustrated by Danny Devine, this new print at home game will be a favorite among ranchers of all ages. Roll the dice. Allocate the dice by number order on the various actions selection cards. Players will take turns drafting and taking actions on their score sheets, unlocking new skills and bonuses along the way. From herding together animals into fenced configurations, to winning prizes at the state fair, you'll have plenty to explore in Roll on the Range.


  • Players: 1-4
  • Ages: 12+
  • Length: 20-30 minutes  


  • Publisher: 25th Century Games
  • Designer: Danny Devine
  • Art: Danny Devine


  • Page count: 9
  • Components: 1 sheet per player, 6 action cards, 1 start player card, 1 optional goal cards
  • Additional components needed: 2 dice per player +1 (6-sided)

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