Roll to Escape

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Roll to Escape
Roll to Escape
Roll to Escape

In Roll to Escape, players take on the identities of prisoners in Alcatraz, plotting a daring dash at freedom. Using three dice, players use randomly generated numbers on their sheets showing the time they spend in different parts of the facility, including the yard, storehouse, and mess hall. Due to the rotation of the guards, which rooms are available are random, making it all the harder to assemble the six parts of the escape plan before anybody else does.

Privileges are earned through certain choices throughout the game, allowing the ability to sneak into off-limits rooms, use dice multiple times, or score numbers, although these numbers must be shared with other players. The first player to finish their plan wins, although there can be ties.

Roll to Escape is a free-to-play printable game designed during the COVID-19 crisis by the team at Story Machine Games, and will remain available here and through the publisher's website forever, with continued support now through the creative team at DVC Games.


  • Players: 1+
  • Ages: 13+
  • Length: 20 minutes  


  • Publisher: Story Machine Games, DVC Games
  • Designer: Jono Naito, Ben Sobine, Jakob Maier, Bobby West
  • Art: Jono Naito, Jasper Beatrix


  • Page count: 4
  • Components: Rules, Player sheets, Cards
  • Additional components needed: Three six-sided dice, pen or pencil

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