Rooks, Knights, and Bishops

CC Chamberlin

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Rooks, Knights, and Bishops
Rooks, Knights, and Bishops
Rooks, Knights, and Bishops

In this new sudoku/picross-like puzzle game, you are presented with a grid of cells containing rooks, knights, and bishops. Your goal is to create a ""pixel art"" image by using your logic skills to figure out which cell is which color.

Each cell indicates how many valid rook, knight, or bishop moves there are to cells of the same color.

For instance, if there is one rook piece in the cell, you know that only one adjacent cell has the same color, and that the cell beyond it is a different color (because otherwise, there would be two rook pieces).

If there are three bishop pieces in the cell, you know that cells diagonal to this cell have the same color, but it could be three going off to the upper right, or one in each of three diagonal directions, or maybe two to the upper left and one to the lower left. You'll have to use your logic to figure out which it is!

Each puzzle has a unique, discoverable solution using only logic, without guesswork. The game comes with 31 custom-crafted puzzles of various difficulty levels. (Solutions are provided...but you won't need them, will you?)

  • Players: 1 
  • Ages: 13+
  • Length: 15-30
  • Publisher: CC Chamberlin
  • Designer: CC Chamberlin
  • Art: CC Chamberlin
    • Page count: 37
    • Components: 31 puzzles, instructions, and solutions
    • Additional components needed: Pencil + Eraser. Colored pencils or pens recommended for filling in image.

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