Royal Espionage

Rachel Bruner

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Royal Espionage
Royal Espionage
Royal Espionage

Royal Espionage is a storytelling game of intrigue, intelligence, and imminent death.

You are a member of the King's Court and have been snared into spying for both the King and the Unknown Usurper. The King desires the identity of the Usurper, as well as their loyal supporters- or you're dead. The Usurper wants to know who is loyal to the King and who can be turned- or you're dead.

Not only must you survive this delicate balancing act, but at the end of the conflict you must be on the conqueror’s side- or you're dead. How did you get entangled in this deadly game?

However, the risks do have their rewards: if you are successful you will become the Kingdom's Royal Spymaster, plus you get to live, so it’s a game worth playing.

Royal Espionage is a storytelling game where you determine, more or less, how the story unfolds. Immersing yourself in the story and how it plays is part of the purpose and fun of this game. Which court members support the King? Which defect? Where do you end up? How do you balance the dangerous information you gather? Play and find out!


  • Players: 1
  • Ages: 8+
  • Length: 20-30 minutes  


  • Publisher: Rachel Bruner
  • Designer: Rachel Bruner
  • Art: Rachel Bruner


  • Page count: 4 page rulebook, 8 page components (9 card layout) or 10 page components (8 card layout)
  • Components: 1 rulebook, 16 cards, 40 mini cards, 12 round tokens, 12 square tokens.
  • Additional components needed: 1 pawn/meeple, 3 cubes, 1d6 (optional)

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