Runes of Mayhem

Marzo Projects

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Runes of Mayhem
Runes of Mayhem
Runes of Mayhem
Runes of Mayhem
Runes of Mayhem
Runes of Mayhem
Runes of Mayhem is a fast, competitive, historical tactical card game
for two. Enter the Medieval world of the Vikings and the Anglo-Saxons!
Rule the battlefield with powerful formations and lead your forces with
mighty heroes. Overcome your opponent, destroy his fortress and reap the
spoils of war! How will you earn victory?

The players face each other on the battlefield, they create powerful
formations and lead their forces to victory with the aid of mighty
kings. The game features tokens and dice expanding it beyond the limits
of a mere card game, creating an exciting combination of tactics and

Runes of Mayhem is a game where choosing the right units, using the
proper abilities and formations are vital, but luck matters too - after
all, you cannot wholly control the mayhem of an epic battle. If you play
your cards right and lead your units as a true tactician, you can render
your opponent unable to roll, eliminating most of the luck factor.

Runes of Mayhem is highly enjoyable from the very first play, and with
experience, you will be able to make optimal tactical decisions. Take a
defensive or an offensive approach, concentrate building momentum and
speed or take your time and trade. Many paths lead to victory, but only
if you pay close attention and grasp the pace of the game. In Runes of
Mayhem, you decide what road to take!


  •      Players: 2
  •      Ages: 16+
  •      Length: 20-40 min


  •      Publisher: Marzo Projects
  •      Designer: Márton Orbán, Simon Zoltán
  •      Art: Gergely Nagy, Balázs Bodnár


  •      Page count: Base game:  10 (double-sided)    base+Expansion: 24 page
  • (double-sided)
  •      Components: cards, tokens, lane-markers
  •      Additional components needed: two D6 dice

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