Runes of Mayhem: More Units Expansion


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Runes of Mayhem: More Units Expansion
Runes of Mayhem: More Units Expansion
Runes of Mayhem: More Units Expansion
Runes of Mayhem: More Units Expansion
Runes of Mayhem: More Units Expansion
Runes of Mayhem: More Units Expansion
Runes of Mayhem: More Units Expansion

With this expansion, unlock numerous and versatile units for both factions such as the Fanatic Warrior, Hel’s Seer, King Ragnar Lothbrok, Chieftain and many more!

This expansion contains the following new cards:

     King Ragnar Lothbrok
     King Edward the Elder
     Hel's Seer
     Javelin Throwers
     Fanatic Warrior
     Burning Wagon


War is a burden on the economy, so trading is just as important as the army itself. A talented Anglo-Saxon Merchant can help the king with both.

Merchant units, in addition to being able to participate in the fights themselves, are able to hire mercenaries and produce gold.

Game mechanism: When you play a Merchant unit, hire a mercenary and trade immediately. If luck is on your side, then you may earn up to two units for free.

War is just a business, the question is whether you want a cut?


Unleashed anger and barking death fill the battlefield. The Warhounds trained for bloodshed cause chaos and confusion in the Anglo-Saxon lines.

Their howling calls their peers into battle and scares their opponents. They are fighting in a team to protect and strengthen each other. There is no one who could withstand the attack of this bloody pack of hounds.

Warhounds units join the Vikings deck, bringing an interesting and totally unique aggressive style to the game. With accurate timing, you can lead an unstoppable attack against your opponent.

Game mechanism: When you play a Warhounds unit, you can search for another one from the deck and you can take it in your hands, so you do not have to wait until they gather together like humans. Like the formation of the basic units, they also reinforce each other, but their strength lies in focusing, not dominating the battlefield. Every Warhounds unit gives extra power to the other Warhounds in the same column.

Beware if you hear the howls, because this beast of war never goes alone.

Javelin Throwers and Axethrowers:

Solid muscles and crude force. With their true aim and powerful throwing of their weapons, these fighters can cause enormous damage to this enemy.

Although the area controlled by long-ranged units is not reachable by their throw, but flying axes or javelins at the beginning of a charge may decide who shall emerge victoriously.

With these unlocked units, the players may use mid-ranged units, increasing their options to deal a blow to the opponent without suffering damage. Tactically speaking, they are less flexible than the archers and the siege engines, but they are able to do more a brutal destruction due to their smashing strength.

Game mechanism: Mid-ranges units are only capable of attacking the first and the second row, but they do so without the possibility of retaliation by the opponent. Neither of these units has the ability of direct shot of the long-ranged units, but their strength challenges even the melee units, and they are not suffering combat penalty when being attacked.

Surround yourself with people who aim well, and you shall return home with no scratch.

Fanatic Warrior:

Religion meets the battlefield. Priests fighting at the first line, and seers seized by death among the fighters? Only the most resolute warriors can face such opponents.

Raised in a rigid and oftentimes painful way, these warriors serving the Anglo-Saxons overcome fear to protect their faith and fight under the name of the Son of God. They do so with such a fanatism that scares even the most stubborn Viking raider!

Hel, the Goddess of Death, supports the Vikings and offers a chance to her seers of earning her grace and avoid death itself.

Game mechanism: Players get priest units that can affect the battle in other ways than the normal ones. Hel’s Seer on the Viking side can bring back cards from the discard pile, allowing you to repeat your favorite tactical move once more. The Anglo-Saxon Fanatic Warrior is able to fight in contrary to other priests. Whichever unit he is fighting with, all his opponents suffer combat penalty, and in addition, he even learned the art of healing.

Captain and Chieftain:

The sound of the shattering shields merges into a symphony, as one shouts with the force of a thunder: CHARGE!

Even the swords are sharper in the hands of the soldiers when a hardened veteran is on the lead, not some throne-bound, feasting king! A true leader fights side by side with his men.

Game mechanism: These units function as quasi-jokers when it comes to formations. They know each of the three types of formations, and if they join the ranks of the soldiers, they give the forma-tional bonus to the other units as well as enjoy it themselves too.

Don’t send your men to war, lead them!

  • Players: 2
  • Ages: 16+
  • Length: 20-40 min

  • Publisher: Marzo Projects
  • Designer: Márton Orbán, Simon Zoltán
  • Art: Gergely Nagy, Balázs Bodnár

  • Page count: Base game:  10 (double-sided)    base+Expansion: 24 page
  • (double-sided)
  • Components: cards, tokens, lane-markers
  • Additional components needed: two D6 dice

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