Runes of Mayhem: Towers Expansion


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Runes of Mayhem: Towers Expansion
Runes of Mayhem: Towers Expansion
Runes of Mayhem: Towers Expansion

With this expansion, unlock an interesting new mechanism of the game for
the Anglo-Saxon player.

This expansion contains the following new cards:

     Lady Aethelflaed of Mercia
     Guard Tower
     Fortified Tower

You can now build towers on your side of the battlefield, which provides
both a strategic and defense bonuses to your warriors in the fight.
Although they help you both in attacking and in stopping the Viking
attacks, construction during wartime is a heavy burden on the economy.

The Anglo-Saxon player can build once per turn, so he may choose to
place a tower face down on his side of the battlefield. This tower will
only have its impact on the game by the next turn, the Anglo-Saxon
player will only reveal it then. Until the tower is revealed, the
Anglo-Saxon player has to place one production-marker on it, lessening
his/her production.

  • Players: 2
  • Ages: 16+
  • Length: 20-40 min

  • Publisher: Marzo Projects
  • Designer: Márton Orbán, Simon Zoltán
  • Art: Gergely Nagy, Balázs Bodnár

  • Page count: Base game:  10 (double-sided)    base+Expansion: 24 page
  • (double-sided)
  • Components: cards, tokens, lane-markers
  • Additional components needed: two D6 dice

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